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The Team at Chesler Photography

At Chesler Photography we strive to deliver world class photography and unparalleled service. To do so requires a team that is dedicated to our vision of excellence.



The Team

Chesler Photography is proud to offer the highest quality images and products backed by first class service. Upholding the strong Chesler Photography value of integrity, each member of our staff has the knowledge and ability to make your experience with us perfect. They have each come up through the ranks under the guidance of owner Steve Chesler learning the values that have brought Chesler Photography to the forefront of the photography industry.


Steve Chesler
Steve is the owner and award winning photographer behind Chesler Photography. Steve studied photography at SUNY Brockport and has been in the business since 1999.


Ellen Chesler
Ellen has been involved with the studio as both a photographer and web designer for over ten years. Ellen's work has earned her awards on the state level with numerous blue ribbon prints, as well as being a Judge's Choice winner. As Steve's sister, she has been raised in a family with the same honesty and integrity that is the core of Chesler Photography. A native of Long Island, Ellen now considers Canandaigua her home.


Rich Chesler
Rich has been involved with the studio since 2007 as a designer and specialty printer. An award-winning photographer himself, Rich is now pushing Chesler Photography's presence into New England.


Sue Chesler
Sue is Steve's wife and the Business Manager. Sue handles all of the financial details of the studio.


Kim Mihalitsas
Kim is the Client Relations Manager at the studio. She is the front line and the familiar voice behind most of the processes that take place.


Cheryl Woodard
Cheryl join the team in 2012 and is our Production Manager. She is also an assistant Photographer for weddings and other events.

In Memory of Sandi Curtis:
August 6, 1971 - November 7, 2007

Sandi was sadly taken from us on November 7. Her legacy will live on within all of us.